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November 9, 2013


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Hi there, Haven't updated my journal in a while, I hope everyone is alright and live a happy life.

    Let's me get straight to the point. sorry If my remaining ego have driven me to type something stupid, But at least I'm being honest to you, I also wanted to practice writing long essay in English too.

I'm always open for your critique and suggestion, But please write it in a respectful manner.

    My own feeling about using anime in my art, you might notice that I always use shape and form of anime in most of my artworks, But my inner side always tells me that I don't have that much interest in it, I like to go to art museum instead of anime convention, I like to watch cartoon more than watching anime, I like to read aesthetic/philosophy and other books more than manga or doujin, [forget about video games, I've decided to quit it, cold freaking turkey] my only activity related to game is listening to games music/bgm.

But nevertheless, The main form/shape and object in my artworks are always related to anime. because I still like using it the most. compared to cartoon/realistic/ or other art styles. 

    I don't know, maybe my main purpose about using anime is just for fine art, while many skilled people might think about using it for other purpose [Yet I still need to use it to earn money to keep my stomach full and healthy, so I can produce good works, But I always believe that my main purpose is still for brightening the world, cheering up sad people, not mainly for other purpose at this moment.] this might be why some people who tend to dislike anime so much still have minor interest in some of my anime art.

    I always read and study about art to improve my aesthetic skills and the way I view art and the world around me, my inner side have spoken that craftsmanship skills is not my main priority, My anime works might looks out of proportion in the eyes of beginner and professional, but I always believe to follow my feeling instead of following the rule that makes everything look correct and perfect, Which will lead to depression and make my art look like it has no mystic. 

   I tended to be a competitive people before and I've competed with myself all the time, But in the end I've realized that competition in art will only lead to depression and ruin my artwork, so I've stopped competing with anyone, even with myself, me and the other me have decided to cooperate with each other instead of competing, I've stopped comparing my new work with my old works, we have helped each other and then created this picture together.

Pinkie Pie and Donut Joe by emperpep

   [A work of friendship maybe, lol I dont know, I didn't watch MLP that much, my favorite type of cartoon is Superjail]
   If you see it using your aesthetic feeling, you might see a lot of happiness, which expresses freedom and joyfulness, I cannot express this at all if I were still feel competitive.

    I believe that art is like a mirror that reflect your own self, Showing your feeling and story which is going on in your head, even if you try to lie or distort it, Your art will speak for itself, And it will always speak the truth.
 I want to hear some opinions from other people mainly in anime art and the way you think about art maybe, because I feel like I haven't communicate with people that much.



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rabbitwar Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
I'd choose feeling over technical correctness any day. 
It's refreshing that you choose to be true to yourself and honest with your art.
Please keep following your bliss!<3
deathgrowl Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i love your anime styled - art

and it kinda surprised me because you said you attend fine art museum more that anime- con... 

and i'm looking forward new stuff in your NSFW tumblr hehehe... Dignity Laugh 
cuddlesaurus21 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I totally understand about this! I always enjoy seeing the anime style, but in truth the only anime show I've ever watched is Pokemon. Just because you don't watch or enjoy much anime doesn't mean you can't like--or use!--the art style itself. There's nothing at all wrong with that!

I haven't really gotten to know you personally, by the way, but I just wanted to say that your art is very beautiful and I've watched it for a while now, and it inspires me a lot! :nod: Keep up the good work and don't worry about what people say. Please yourself with your work, and you will end up pleasing many others too without having to worry about it! :hug:
M-A-F Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
I'm confused and I don't really know what to think when doing digital work. I don't feel connected to art or my drawings.
I rarely watch or read anime or manga either, don't know why. 

Most of the compliments I usually get lately is about my colouring, whilst my main thoughts of making ideal art is about context and aesthetics. The kind that don't make it beyond my scrap sketchbook~

I imagine the people who don't like anime but like your art are impressed by the creativity of your artwork because you don't just draw a character, you draw a whole creative and imaginative world in a single picture.

rsiphotography Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Professional General Artist
Yes dear well fall prey to it. We do things for appearances and for the praise of people without seeking the praise that comes from God our heavenly Father. Life is complete when we seek His praise alone and enjoy most of all that still small voice that says :I love it great job and most of all I love you."

So the world has become this huge competitive field and what you heart is asking what really matters? 100 years from now will even of a scrap of my life be remembered? We hope yes and in our heart of hearts we want to leave a legacy but the path that darkness pushes people down does not bring fulfillment because it is not based in love. It is a leaven of pride that cares mostly about appearances and cares nothing about love. Its a dead end. You can discover this at a young age or wait until you are old and feeble but the truth is we must find greatest joy in the presence and the praise of God. Indeed He praises his children and nothing compares to it.  David Berkowitz's (former Son of Sam)Other trasnslations here

My name is David Berkowitz, and I am a prison inmate who has been incarcerated for more than thirty-six years. I have been sentenced to prison for the rest of my life. My criminal case is well known and was called the Son of Sam shootings.
It was twenty-four years ago, when I was living in a cold and lonely prison cell, that God got a hold of my life. Here is my story of Hope...


Ever since I was a small child, my life seemed to be filled with torment. I would often have seizures in which I would roll on the floor. Sometimes furniture would get knocked over. When these attacks came, it felt as if something was entering me.
My mother, who has long since passed away, had not control over me. I was like a wild and destructive animal. My father had to pin me to the floor until these

The journal above explains more what I want to say its the testimony of a very dear friend. However what David is found is true I also find true in my life.
NightyNite Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist
Anime is just another form of art. It's a style, and you don't have to like watching anime in order to like that art style. Follow your heart and do whatever makes you happy and not worry over minor details.

I agree with art being like a mirror that reflects you.

However, I don't agree that following the "rules" will lead to depression, or your art loosing mystique. Art has no rules. It has fundamentals, which are more like guidelines.
What you said just sounds like stupid excuses some artist make. Your art is good right now? So you're going to stop learning?? NEVER STOP WANTING TO LEARN/TO IMPROVE/TO GROW.
An artist should always crave knowledge in their craft if they truly love it. Don't cease to compete with yourself completely. Do not be afraid of failure in the process.

Only foolish artists make the excuse of "Oh I choose not to learn or follow rules because it doesn't let me express how I want it to be, better to rely ONLY on my gut feelings." BULLSHEIT I SAY.

Why do some people separate the idea of FUNDAMENTALS and FOLLOWING ONE'S FEELINGS apart from each other. They can both coexist. I guarantee you, that in learning the fundamentals of art, your art will still be lovely to YOU and to many. Why? Because even after learning the fundamentals you will still draw with your feelings, right? You will still implement the elements you love, and express it the way you want, all while understanding a little more about how lighting works, anatomy, perspective, etc. Remember: there's no rule. Learning fundamentals doesn't encage you to a particular style or enforce you to have to use what you learned at all. None the less, you should still learn how the eye sees reality in conjunction with art, and from there can we distort reality.  

You don't have to if you don't want to. Everyone has different levels of passion for art and priorities. Just don't blame it on the false notion that applying fundamentals leads to depression and not being able to express oneself. Just say you want it like this, cause you want it like this. That's it. 

XocoWilde Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014   Digital Artist
I just met you and I totally agree with you. Doesn't matter the style, just folow what your feelings says ;)
prototypic Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist
hm I don't know if you're still reading these since this post is from awhile back... but I think art speaks differently to different people, no matter what style. ^  ^ 
For me, I switched from more anime-like art to a more realistic style, but like you, I never really had a big interest in watching or reading anime/manga: I'd rather play video games or read literature xD 
A shift in my attitude about life and being honest with myself and what I like to draw lead to a gradual change in my style. 
In a way, drawing has now become my solace. It used to be something that I would constantly alter to fit the prevalent trend, but now it's something I do to relieve stress.
HearseGurl Featured By Owner May 31, 2014   Photographer
I love how you like to study and read and go to museums over other things. I'm the same way. I could spend All day in a library! :)
Zanreo Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I see "anime" as just a different kind of cartoony/stylization art style, when you look at various anime series, "anime style" can be a lot of things.
My style can be called slighty anime-inspired, but I don't really watch a lot of it (or any series in general really) aside from a few certain series I like.
Nothing wrong with drawing an anime-inspired style and not watching anime a lot, it's just the way you draw and what you like drawing/are good at drawing. That being said, if you want to try something else that's also good, variation and experimenting with other styles is always good.
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